Serial No. Date Subject Publication
233 31 Dec, 2018 Government Performance SCMP "A spectacular own goal and a few misses for 2018"
232 17 Dec, 2018 Aging Population SCMP "How Hong Kong can prepare for the silver tsunami"
231 3 Dec, 2018 HK Independence SCMP "When it comes to support for independence, just say no"
230 19 Nov, 2018 Greater Bay Area SCMP "Success of bay area plan will depend on young people"
229 5 Nov, 2018 East Lantau SCMP "Why Lantau reclamation plan should get a new name"
228 22 Oct, 2018 Candidate selection SCMP "Why pan-democrats are better off without Lau Siu-lai"
227 8 Oct, 2018 Public Subsidy SCMP "Make sensible choices instead of opting for subsidies"
226 24 Sep, 2018 Climate Change SCMP "Act now on climate change, or millions will be homeless"
225 10 Sep, 2018 Nano Flats SCMP "Two quick ways to help tackle the city’s housing crisis"
224 27 Aug, 2018 Independence SCMP "Andy Chan's arguments fail the "common sense" test"
223 13 Aug, 2018 Independence SCMP "Talk on city's independence shows silly season is here"
222 30 Jul, 2018 Ride Hailing SCMP "Miracle of market forces can help improve taxi services"
221 16 Jul, 2018 Brexit SCMP "Why even a "soft Brexit" would leave Britain in a mess"
220 2 Jul, 2018 World Cup SCMP "The real winners of the World Cup are not on the pitch"
219 18 Jun, 2018 MTRC Scandals SCMP "Why the MTRC needs a more independent board"
218 4 Jun, 2018 Ministers Performance SCMP "A year on, who's making the grade in Lam’s cabinet?"
217 21 May, 2018 Language Debate SCMP "Let's depoliticise this mother tongue conversation"
216 7 May, 2018 Budget Surplus SCMP "National security law is first step on path to democracy"
215 23 Apr, 2018 Land Supply SCMP "Two viable options to solve our housing challenge"
214 9 Apr, 2018 MPF Offset SCMP "Why government is wrong on pensions overhaul"
213 26 Mar, 2018 By-election results SCMP "How the pan-democrats can win back the public"
212 12 Mar, 2018 Budget Surplus SCMP "It's not easy having too much money – just ask Paul Chan"
211 26 Feb, 2018 Marching Style SCMP "Marching orders from the liaison office are troubling"
210 12 Feb, 2018 Private Clubs SCMP "Politics of Envy has no place in Hong Kong"
209 29 Jan, 2018 Traffic Congestion SCMP "It is time to get tough on private car ownership"
208 15 Jan, 2018 Our Future SCMP "There is life for Hong Kong after 2047"
207 1 Jan, 2018 NY Resolutions SCMP "Resolutions for Hong Kong in the new year"
206 18 Dec, 2017 Article 23 SCMP "Enact Article 23 – or Beijing may do it for us"
205 4 Dec, 2017 Disqualified Members SCMP "Refund demand is unacceptable persecution"
204 20 Nov, 2017 Improving Transport SCMP "Three ways to get traffic flowing again"
203 6 Nov, 2017 Public Housing SCMP "Raise the level of home ownership, not dependency"
202 23 Oct, 2017 Policy Address SCMP "Lam is ready to be the proactive leader HK needs"
201 9 Oct, 2017 Life’s Risks SCMP "How safe is it for our children to study abroad?"
200 25 Sep, 2017 Policy Preview SCMP "Will Carrie Lam open the door to Article 23?"
199 11 Sep, 2017 UK Visas SCMP "Visa delays just latest episode of UK failing city"
198 28 Aug, 2017 Helping SMEs SCMP "Steps to help start-ups succeed in Hong Kong"
197 14 Aug, 2017 ESF Fees SCMP "ESF fee rises hurt the middle class, and HK"
196 31 Jul, 2017 Co-Location Controversy SCMP "Who will be left holding the baby if food trucks fail"
195 17 Jul, 2017 New CE Honeymoon SCMP "Can goodwill help Lam ride out the storms?"
194 3 Jul, 2017 Accepting Reality SCMP "Radicals need to grow up and learn respect"
193 18 Jun, 2017 Transport Policy SCMP "Three ways HK transport chief failed the people"
192 5 Jun, 2017 Food Trucks SCMP "Who will be left holding the baby if food trucks fail"
191 22 May, 2017 HK Morale SCMP "Hong Kong must assert its role as China’s first city"
190 6 May, 2017 Village Housing SCMP "Small house policy overdue for bulldozing"
189 24 Apr, 2017 Occupy Pardons SCMP "Amnesty call at least shows HK is ready to heal"
188 10 Apr, 2017 Political Reform SCMP "No compromise, no universal suffrage in HK"
187 27 Mar, 2017 CE Priorities SCMP "Now for the hard part: governing wisely"
186 13 Mar, 2017 Easing Tensions SCMP "Calm after the storm of Occupy assault case?"
185 27 Feb, 2017 Donald Tsang SCMP "Unbecoming end for a devoted servant of HK"
184 13 Feb, 2017 Influence Peddling SCMP "Kowtowing to the Kuk is a sad fact of HK politics"
183 30 Jan, 2017 Vested Interests SCMP "Taxi fare saga reveals vested interests still rule"
182 16 Jan, 2017 Political Reform SCMP "Lack of reform poisoning heart of HK politics"
181 2 Jan, 2017 MPF SCMP "Workers need a better MPF system and cover for rainy days"
180 19 Dec, 2016 CE Candidates SCMP "Lam could be the best bet for pan-democrats"
179 5 Dec, 2016 CE Qualities SCMP "HK needs a Jedi to lead us out of the darkness"
178 21 Nov, 2016 Good intentions SCMP "The basic law of unintended consequences"
177 7 Nov, 2016 UGL Payment SCMP " Transparency is best way out of UGL fog"
176 24 Oct, 2016 Legco Conduct SCMP "Hong Kong's legislature, a world-class circus run by clowns"
175 10 Oct, 2016 Land Development SCMP "Land realities call for radical approach in NT"
174 26 Sept, 2016 Election Results SCMP "After Legco poll fiasco, all eyes are on Beijing"
173 12 Sept, 2016 HK Independence SCMP "Independence debate fueled by misinformation"
172 29 Aug, 2016 Legco Elections SCMP "Hong Kong's political future on the line"
171 15 Aug, 2016 Independence SCMP "Let voters, not officials, decide candidates' fate"
170 1 Aug, 2016 Independence SCMP "How not to handle calls for independence"
169 18 Jul, 2016 Campaign Nonsense SCMP "Fuss over MTR and Link Reit shows it's election time again"
168 4 Jul, 2016 Premium Taxis SCMP "Is a modern, safe taxi too much to ask for in HK?"
167 20 Jun, 2016 US Elections SCMP "White House race: Hollywood can’t do better"
166 6 Jun, 2016 Development SCMP "How to tap developers' vast land banks"
165 23 May, 2016 CE Election SCMP "A sparse line-up, 10 months before leadership race"
164 9 May, 2016 Muslim Integration SCMP "Clash of values a thorny issue in immigration"
163 25 Apr, 2016 Airport Capacity SCMP "HK must Face up to limits on its air (and land) space"
162 11 Apr, 2016 HK Independence SCMP "With Legco elections coming up, officials should lighten up"
161 28 Mar, 2016 Asylum Seekers SCMP "Set up a camp in Hong Kong for asylum seekers"
160 14 Mar, 2016 2047 SCMP "No good reasons why HK systems won’t endure"
159 29 Feb, 2016 Rule of Law SCMP "Hong Kong's rule of law is safe from rioters"
158 15 Feb, 2016 Lantau Development SCMP "Can HK turn Lantau vision into reality?"
157 1 Feb, 2016 Medical Council SCMP "Doctors must swallow their bitter reform pill"
156 18 Jan, 2016 International Schools SCMP "Have Hong Kong's education officials lost their minds?"
155 4 Jan, 2016 Old Age Pension SCMP "Let's employ a little creativity in pension reform"
154 21 Dec, 2015 Immigration Arrangements SCMP "Logic derailed in row over joint border controls"
153 7 Dec, 2015 Council Chairman SCMP "King Arthur can rise to HKU challenge"
152 23 Nov, 2015 Freedom's Shield SCMP "Lessons of Magna Carta are timeless"
151 9 Nov, 2015 Political Compromise SCMP "Can HK heed these lessons in positive politics"
150 12 Oct, 2015 Royal Insignia SCMP "Don’t hide Hong Kong’s colonial past"
149 28 Sep, 2015 Republican Debate SCMP "Democracy goes live, and it’s not pretty"
148 14 Sep, 2015 Refugee Crisis SCMP "Exodus will leave no one untouched"
147 31 Aug, 2015 New Ideas SCMP "Can-do Hong Kong finds its wings clipped"
146 17 Aug, 2015 Professional Standards SCMP "No room for complacency in an efficient HK"
145 3 Ang, 2015 USA Impressions SCMP ""Still a beacon of promise"
144 20 Jul, 2015 Contaminated Water SCMP "Mystery of our tainted water scandal demands answers"
143 6 Jul, 2015 Political Reform SCMP "Can we get our great minds to think alike on political reform?"
142 25 Jun, 2015 Political Reform SCMP "No mystery as to who killed HK reform plans"
141 8 Jun, 2015 Child Deportation SCMP "A sorry tale that shames Hong Kong"
140 25 May, 2015 Excessive Filibustering SCMP "Pan-dams' obstructionist tactics will cost them dearly"
139 11 May, 2015 Judicial processes SCMP "Indecent double standards undermine HK’s rule of law"
138 27 Apr, 2015 Refugee Policies SCMP "Europe's migrant crisis is a reminder of what's important"
137 13 Apr, 2015 Political reform SCMP "No one's a winner if there's no compromise on reform"
136 30 Mar, 2015 Unexpected Consequences SCMP "Beware misguided strategies and the cobra effect"
135 16 Mar, 2015 Politicians' Conduct SCMP "When will our politicians start to act like professionals?"
134 2 Mar, 2015 Housing Crisis SCMP "Where's the vision? A missed opportunity on housing"
133 16 Feb, 2015 Political Tactics SCMP "Pan dems' contribution to politics: de facto paralysis"
132 2 Feb, 2015 Housing Supply SCMP "More new towns the answer to Hong Kong's housing woes"
131 19 Jan, 2015 Political Reform SCMP "Government and lawmakers can first agree on two modest LegCo reforms"
130 5 Jan, 2015 Air Pollution SCMP "Breathing the Sapporo air, with Hong Kong on my mind"
129 22 Dec, 2014 Prosecution Policy SCMP "For Occupy, prosecute only the non-political crimes"
128 8 Dec, 2014 UK MPs visit SCMP "A case of failed diplomacy, from London to Hong Kong"
127 24 Nov, 2014 Govt Action SCMP "All hands on deck to keep the Hong Kong ship of state afloat"
126 10 Nov, 2014 Occupiers Tenacity SCMP "165 sq ft flats offer a window into Occupy protect psyche"
125 27 Oct, 2014 Leadership Vacuum SCMP "Hongkongers look in vain for the leadership they need"
124 13 Oct, 2014 Political Compromise SCMP "Let's get on with getting the best out of political reform"
123 29 Sep, 2014 Scottish Referendum SCMP "Faced with yes or no, the Scots found a middle way"
122 15 Sep, 2014 Political Reform SCMP "Pan-democrats must not ignore the low-hanging fruit"
121 1 Sep, 2014 Rail Operations SCMP "MTR Corp is not the villain in dog’s death on the tracks"
120 18 Aug, 2014 3rd Runway SCMP "HK needs a third runway – paid for by users, not taxpayers"
119 4 Aug, 2014 Reform Debate SCMP "Young, bright and ready for democracy in Hong Kong"
118 21 Jul, 2014 Political Compromise SCMP "Left and right need to be in step for the reform fandango"
117 7 Jul, 2014 Youth Disaffection SCMP "Who can build a bridge to our discontented youth?"
116 23 Jun, 2014 White Paper SCMP "Reaction to white paper based on fear, not facts"
115 9 Jun, 2014 Political Reform SCMP "No mystery as to how HK's political reform tale will end"
114 26 May, 2014 MTRC SCMP "Three areas where rail link panel must do some digging"
113 12 May, 2014 Reform Debate SCMP "Missed opportunities from both sides in reform debate"
112 28 Apr, 2014 Foreign Policy SCMP "Beijing should reconsider its South China Sea claims"
111 14 Apr, 2014 Retirement Age SCMP "Cut out the bureaucracy for retirement age to work"
110 31 Mar, 2014 Political Reform SCMP "Ray of hope as we get down to the nitty-gritty for 2017"
109 17 Mar, 2014 Political Reform SCMP "Aim for 2016 reform pact that most could live with"
108 3 Mar, 2014 Press Freedom SCMP "Whole of Hong Kong must take action in response to attack on Kevin Lau"
107 17 Feb, 2014 Crazy Ideas SCMP "Beware the lunatic ideas on the loose in Hong Kong"
106 3 Feb, 2014 Universal Pension SCMP "Next on Hong Kong's policy agenda: a universal pension"
105 20 Jan, 2014 Policy Address SCMP "Self-styled voices of middle class should not begrudge a lift for the city's needy"
104 6 Jan, 2014 Budget Philosophy SCMP "HK can't afford its neurotic prudence in public spending"
103 23 Dec, 2013 CE Election SCMP " 'Collective nomination' will be a breach of the Basic Law"
102 9 Dec, 2013 Public Consultation SCMP "Electoral reform requires a balancing act of compromise"
101 25 Nov, 2013 Central Waterfront SCMP "Lines of a phoney war drawn in harbourfront zoning row"
100 11 Nov, 2013 Ricky Wong SCMP "The underdog no longer wins the day in today's Hong Kong"
99 28 Oct, 2013 TV Licences SCMP "Why granting a free-to-air licence to HKTV would be good for the market"
98 14 Oct, 2013 Manila Hostages SCMP "Families of Manila hostage crisis need closure"
97 30 Sep, 2013 Democratic Reform SCMP "HK needs no help working out its democratic future"
96 16 Sep, 2013 Housing proposals SCMP "A little detective work required to get to the bottom of ridiculous housing ideas"
95 2 Sep, 2013 ICAC politicization SCMP "The ICAC has been politicized, though not by our chief executive"
94 19 Aug, 2013 Teacher Incident SCMP "The tale of the foul-mouthed teacher just gets curiouser and curiouser"
93 5 Aug, 2013 Effective Governance SCMP "Reforms should allow chief to be elected as party leader"
92 22 Jul, 2013 Political Savvy SCMP "In the classroom and out, freedom is in the air in HK"
91 8 Jul, 2013 Edward Snowden SCMP "Three reasons why Snowden would be better off back here"
90 24 Jun, 2013 American Hacking SCMP "Hong Kong must stand tall in the fight for civic rights"
89 10 Jun, 2013 Education of Minorities SCMP "Education officials going out of their way to fail children"
88 27 May, 2013 Political Reform SCMP "Democrats must now make their voices heard on reforms"
87 13 May, 2013 Universal Pension SCMP "The universal pension debate Hong Kong should be having"
86 29 Apr, 2013 Legco Relations SCMP "Gridlock in Legco is a disaster of our own making"
85 15 Apr, 2013 Port Strike SCMP "Pay aside, first ensure decent conditions for port workers"
84 01 Apr, 2013 CE Qualities SCMP "Why do we need to be told that leaders must love HK?"
83 18 Mar, 2013 Occupy Central SCMP "Compromise could be central to averting occupation threat"
82 04 Mar, 2013 2013 Budget SCMP "Forget the giveaways and focus on a universal pension"
81 18 Feb, 2013 2016 Election SCMP "Pace of electoral reform the key to clearing barriers"
80 04 Feb, 2013 HK’s Walter Mitty SCMP "No reason to indulge the fantasies of deluded dreamer"
79 21 Jan, 2013 Media Bias SCMP "Criticism of the government must be based on fact"
78 07 Jan, 2013 Political Reform SCMP "No fairy-tale ending to this pan-democratic fable"
77 24 Dec, 2012 Democratic Reform SCMP "Be bold, Democrats: draw up your reform road map"
76 10 Dec, 2012 Political Strategy SCMP "How to turn crisis into opportunity, the Szeto way"
75 26 Nov, 2012 Home Ownership SCMP "Build up home ownership first, and the rest will follow"
74 12 Nov, 2012 Funding Education SCMP "ESF debate boils down to what’s fair for all HK children"
73 29 Oct, 2012 Required Investigations SCMP "Three HK mysteries that would do Christie proud"
72 15 Oct, 2012 Gauging Public Reaction SCMP "How did Leung and his team so misread the public mood?"
71 01 Oct, 2012 Parallel Traders SCMP "Over the top crackdown on parallel traders is beneath us"
70 17 Sep, 2012 Political reform SCMP "After the election, it’s time to crunch the numbers for reform"
69 03 Sep, 2012 Housing Policy SCMP "Finally, government acts to mend broken housing policy"
68 20 Aug, 2012 Managing LegCo SCMP "To win the game, CY must learn to lose a hand or two"
67 06 Aug, 2012 National Education SCMP "You can’t hurry love….or pride in country and people"
66 23 Jul, 2012 Relations with pan democrats SCMP "Chief Executive must learn from predecessor’s mistakes"
65 09 Jul, 2012 Illegal Structures SCMP "Leung must dig himself out of credibility hole"
64 25 Jun, 2012 Small Houses SCMP " Village revamps could put the squeeze on small-house policy"
63 11 Jun, 2012 Implementing Agenda SCMP "Leung should know the top job is no 100-metre dash"
62 28 May, 2012 Political Deal SCMP "Why Article 23 and an open vote belong together"
61 14 May, 2012 Civil Service SCMP "Time to draw the line under a politically biased civil service"
60 30 Apr, 2012 Govt Reshuffle SCMP "Leung should not rush his vision for an expanded team"
59 16 Apr, 2012 Policy Priorities SCMP "A five-point plan to a better city and second term at top"
58 02 Apr, 2012 2017 Election SCMP "For 2017, let’s not forget the importance of being electable"
57 19 Mar, 2012 Election Smears SCMP "More election bombshells to come? Don’t bet against it"
56 05 Mar, 2012 Election Scandals SCMP "More dirt may show before political spring clean ends"
55 20 Feb, 2012 Government Information SCMP "Facts should be the concern of our information officers"
54 06 Feb, 2012 Public Finances SCMP "Prudent Hong Kong has earned the right to vote"
53 26 Jan, 2012 ESF Subvention SCMP "All Hong Kong children have right to expect equal support in their education"
52 09 Jan, 2012 Poverty Gap SCMP "Wealth, wealth everywhere and not enough to live on"
51 29 Dec, 2011 Electricity Prices SCMP "Hong Kong should let market forces keep the price of its electricity down"
50 12 Dec, 2011 Vote Rigging SCMP "Orchestrated vote-rigging should worry Hong Kong"
49 28 Nov, 2011 CE Candidates SCMP "Clear out any skeletons and get down to election business"
48 14 Nov, 2011 Election Results SCMP "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's to blame for election fall"
47 31 Oct, 2011 People Power SCMP "Latter-day Bourbons repeated blunders from the past"
46 17 Oct, 2011 Electioneering SCMP "Shake-up may see more skeletons come tumbling out"
45 03 Oct, 2011 Policing Priorities SCMP "Police should be seen to be acting on traffic black spots"
44 19 Sept, 2011 CE Election SCMP "Hong Kong may just see a real contest for its top job"
43 05 Sept, 2011 Philippine Tourism SCMP "Over-the-top travel alert puts the system’s credibility at risk"
42 22 Aug, 2011 CE Election SCMP "A leader acceptable to Beijing and backed by us"
41 8 Aug, 2011 Right of Abode SCMP "Reason has been cast out in the debate over maids’ rights"
40 25 Jul, 2011 Policy Mysteries SCMP "Hong Kong seeks CSI help with two mysteries"
39 11 Jul, 2011 By-election Bill SCMP "By-election bill debacle could create a few more ‘big losers’"
38 27 Jun, 2011 Godfrey case SCMP "Government contract scandal becomes history"
37 13 Jun, 2011 Unauthorised building works SCMP "Don't delay dealing with the mess over illegal structures"
36 30 May, 2011 Civic Party SCMP "First rule of wooing voters: don't pick fights with them"
35 23 May, 2011 By-Elections SCMP "Reform plan for by-elections is just spitting the dummy"
34 16 May, 2011 Education Funding SCMP "Value of a good education for all is in the balance"
33 2 May, 2011 Retired Officials SCMP "One rule does not fit all"
32 18 Apr, 2011 Minimum Wage SCMP "Wage law's loopholes invite more policy ills"
31 4 Apr, 2011 Mandatory Provident Fund SCMP "Only major surgery can save ailing MPF"
30 21 Mar, 2011 Seeking Consensus SCMP "The futility of trying to please everyone"
29 7 Mar, 2011 Government Expenditure SCMP "Public spending must follow the 'golden rule'"
28 21 Feb, 2011 Transport Allowance SCMP "The minister who kicked the hornets' nest"
27 7 Feb, 2011 Income Subsidy SCMP "An income subsidy may help where welfare fails"
26 24 Jan, 2011 Air Pollution SCMP "Sweetener that would be a breath of fresh air"
25 10 Jan, 2011 Immigration Control SCMP "It's our right to decide who can enter the city"
24 27 Dec, 2010 LegCo Elections SCMP "Real democracy? It's all about a sense of proportion"
23 14 Dec, 2010 C M Leung case SCMP "Job blunder exposes flaws in control system"
22 30 Nov, 2010 Competition Policy SCMP "Government not above principle of fair play"
21 16 Nov, 2010 Chief Executive SCMP "Wanted: one-term chief with a long-term agenda"
20 2 Nov, 2010 Small Houses SCMP "Why haven't we buried the small house policy?"
19 19 Oct, 2010 Waste Disposal SCMP "Government gets buried under its own mess"
18 5 Oct, 2010 Asian Games SCMP "Feeble push to host Asian Games is self-defeating"
17 21 Sept, 2010 National Security SCMP "Why we must tackle Article 23 legislation"
16 6 Sept, 2010 Land Prices SCMP "Will Tsang's term end with a bang or a whimper?"
15 24 Aug, 2010 Government Messages SCMP "Message to government: don't treat us like idiots"
14 10 Aug, 2010 Data Protection SCMP "Octopus isn't the only predator out there"
13 27 July, 2010 2012 CE Election SCMP "Let the horse-trading begin for the 2012 election"
12 13 July, 2010 LegCo President SCMP "Legco chief must step down for taking a stand"
11 28 June, 2010 Political Leaks SCMP "A leak is easier to fix than strained relations"
10 14 June, 2010 Political Reform SCMP "Tsang must say "yes" to Democrats' proposal"
9 1 June, 2010 Tsang/Eu Debate SCMP "Unlikely hero saves the girl (but can he save the day?)"
8 18 May, 2010 Response to swine flu SCMP "The painful side effects of a shot in the dark"
7 4 May, 2010 Compulsory Purchase SCMP "Early rumbles from the compulsory-sale volcano"
6 20 Apr, 2010 Post Service Employment SCMP "A disservice to former officials seeking work"
5 6 Apr, 2010 Minimum Wage SCMP "It's no longer if, but how, to set a minimum wage"
4 23 Mar, 2010 Political Reform SCMP "Beware Ministers bearing guarantees on Reform"
3 9 Mar, 2010 Property Development SCMP "Home Wreckers"
2 22 Feb, 2010 Retirement Age SCMP "Age is no barrier"
1 1 Feb, 2010 Political Reform SCMP "Dumb and Dumber"
The articles listed here are the original versions as submitted, prior to editing by the SCMP which also gave them the titles shown above. All from No.3 onwards were also carried in Chinese on the website of the Hong Kong Economic Journal a few days later. This practice ceased from mid-2013 onwards.
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