A Sense Of Proportion

I learned some important things about myself this summer, by taking three short holidays in different places outside Hong Kong.

First was a five day, four night visit to Singapore, a city I very much like – for up to 72 hours, after that the attraction palls a bit. Nevertheless I got some good relaxation in Sentosa and ate some fabulous seafood at Clarke Quay (that black pepper crab is to die for) with the inevitable result: two kilos added to my weight. Once back in Hong Kong it took only a week to recover the progress of my 10 month old diet. Still down by 20 kg!

Alas they say pride goeth before a fall. Then came three nights in Macao, a short sojourn back home, followed by a solo week in UK. The end of month weigh-in told the tale: the two kg were back and it took another week to lose the first of them.

Nonetheless I do not begrudge the holidays. The first lesson I was reminded of was that getting out of Hong Kong from time to time is absolutely vital if one is to retain a sense of proportion. We tend to become absorbed with our own navels and we need to step back to rediscover perspective. The second lesson is that going on a diet is a solemn commitment which requires absolute discipline. It took 10 months to lose 20 kg and achieve a reasonable weight. Even the slightest lapse puts those achievements at risk.

But there are also other priorities in life. In the UK I polished relations with my best friends from school and college, visited my 102-year-old stepmother and my 56 year old younger brother, and rediscovered the bench in Kew Gardens dedicated to the memory of my mother and sister. Those things are important too.

Mike Rowse
email: mike@rowse.com.hk